How Kintail has helped me GROW – By Loch

Over the years I’ve changed in a lot of different ways. I’ve been lucky enough to have Camp Kintail there for me while I was changing. In fact Kintail has been the reason for one of the big aspects of growth I’ve experienced over the years. The most important way I feel that Camp Kintail has helped me grow has been the fact that working at camp has given me a lot of valuable experience with helping and caring for other people. Working at camp for three years definitely taught me a lot about caring for people. Through my many interactions with hundreds of campers and lots of different staff members, I feel that I’ve learned how to be a more giving, helpful, and understanding person. Being in the caring community of Kintail has been a big part of helping me learn those ways. Having the incredible opportunity to teach campers about the outdoors and to just hang out and have fun with them over the last three years has definitely taught me a lot.

Because of all the different situations I’ve been in and different experiences I’ve had at camp, I’ve learned a lot more about what it means to care for people and what it means to be a friend. Within the community of Camp Kintail I’ve grown a lot as a person within my faith, my friendships, and my self-expression. Thanks to all the wonderful campers, staff members and the Camp itself, I feel as though I’ve grown into a better friend and a more caring person, and I’m very happy about that!



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