How do I get Involved? – The 99 Candles for 90 Years Fundraiser

By December 3, 2019Uncategorized

Happy December! We’re into the final month of 2019, and that also means we’re currently in the last month of our 90th year of ministry here on Lake Huron’s shores. This year we’ve seen even more schools, more weddings, more staff and more campers than ever before. It’s no secret, Camp Kintail is continuing to grow.

With that growth, we established our Space to Grow Capital Campaign. Using the funds from this campaign we’ve built a brand new year-round retreat facility for campers and leaders. The new accommodations have allowed us to welcome more campers who are Leaders in Training (LITs – who come for a full month in the summer) and more of our staff.

So what now?

We’re still raising money for this campaign because our mortgage needs to be paid! A beautiful building such as The Nest certainly doesn’t come cheap, so as we continue to pay off the mortgage and put the finishing touches on the building (like painting and furniture), we’re relying on our community of Kintail campers, staff, volunteers, families, friends, and alumni far and wide to help us with this task.

How Can You Help?

Helping us this month is easy. You can contribute today in one of two ways: Be one of 9 Donors contributing $900 each OR be one of 90 Donors contributing $90 each. It is really that simple. At the end, we hope to raise $16,200 for the Space to Grow campaign and put that money directly towards building costs.

To get involved, visit our 99 Candles for 90 years page. Throughout the first 2 weeks of December we will be tracking donations and putting people’s names in the flames. So for example, if you donate $90, your name will appear as one of 90 bright candles for everyone to see. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can indicate so.

Your contributions to our ongoing campaign are appreciated and will enable us to finish this project which will hopefully ensure another 90 years and more of fantastic leadership here at Camp Kintail.