How Camp Helped Me Grow by Snail

After my experience on Camp Kintail staff I will never think of growth the same way again, in that there are so many more ways to grow than I thought before. And in all my 22 years of life, I can without a doubt say that Camp helped me grow!


It is incredibly clear that God is the center of all things at Camp Kintail. It is easy to feel Him with you as you go throughout your day, through the staff you work with and the campers you get to spend time with. One of my hopes of the summer was to strengthen my relationship with God, something that I had begun to lose because of the demands of school and how hard it can be to make faith a priority at times. Camp created a place for me to explore this relationship and strengthen it once again!


The main thing I was worried about coming to Kintail was fitting in, making friends and being involved with the staff. The beginning of the spring I dealt with a huge amount of homesickness, I was welcomed with warm words and kind faces. The people I got to work with at camp have hugely impacted my life in ways I could never have imagined. I have never experienced such a strong and welcoming community and it made this summer the best I’ve experienced in a long time!


Camp Kintail’s carefully trained counselors are there to help your camper accomplish the challenges in their way. From homesickness to making new friends. Therefore, give your camper the opportunity to grow in a loving Christian community this summer. Find a camp session that they will love and register them through our easy online registration system today. 

We can’t wait to see you this summer.