Hobbit Hunting by Zucchini

By September 8, 2018Uncategorized

Hello camp friends!

This spring and summer I explored all throughout the site with our youngest campers searching for Hobbits. If you’ve heard your children coming home from camp talking about hobbits, I’d like to give you a bit of insight into the adventures they have undertaken here at camp.

Hobbits are quite unique little creatures here at Camp Kintail. From all my years of Hobbit hunting, I have learned that Hobbits are blue, furry creatures about as tall as your knees that have one tooth from their mouths all the way to their belly buttons! Hobbits absolutely love the colour blue, and are often known to leave their blue bowties hanging around camp (‘smelling’ distinctly like spaghetti and moth balls, of course).

Your kids have been travelling all around the site searching for these wonderful, kind creatures. There is a distinct hobbit call, of course, that accompanies such a dauntless task. To do a hobbit call, we all put our feet far apart, bend our knees, put our hands up, and our heads back as we yell ‘OOOOOoooooooohhhh!!!’ as loud as we can. I’m sure you’ve heard this call after your kids have come back from camp!

Searching for Hobbits is always such an incredible activity as we are able to witness your children’s profound sense of imagination and wonder. There is never a dull moment searching for Hobbits at Camp Kintail!