High Ropes Days by Talus

By November 5, 2013Uncategorized

Hi Camp Kintail this is Talus, your first ever high ropes director. This past year has been eventful and really educational. I truly have learned a lot of new stuff running the high ropes and zip line at Kintail. There are eight separate elements that you can try when you do the course, each of these differ in difficulty and problem solving. The course is built to safely challenge participants to challenge their limits and push their boundaries. In this manner the course is really good for facing fears and gaining self-confidence. I cannot count the times that I have been told by participants that they have been glad that they have tried an element despite their fears.

High ropes can be done with more than one person at a time. There is the ability when doing high ropes to have a partnership try the course together. This can be better for both physical and mental support, yet it increases the difficulty of the element when the participants need to cross over one another in order to reach the other side. The team lean can only be completed with more than one person. In this case you are actively putting your trust in the other participant as you hold hands and lean backwards.

This October we had a fundraiser called especially special night. It is a dinner, round of disc golf, and silent auction with all the proceeds going to the creation of another set of high ropes elements. In the future we want to create another rockwall-esque structure that has cabins complete even more elements together. This is a great option for the future of the adventure program at Camp Kintail. Please consider coming out and trying the course for yourself.

Thanks for your support