Head Counsellor by Moringa

By June 18, 2014Uncategorized

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Hey, Moringa here! The summer is right around the corner and the program staff are eagerly waiting to have all the campers arrive. I am especially excited to have the campers arrive because this year I have the pleasure to be head counsellor. My job for the summer is to ensure that every child has the best possible time at camp. Part of my job is to care for those with homesickness, ensure there is no bullying and to deal with any other challenges that a camper may have occur.

Another incredible part of the job is that I have the opportunity to integrate children with physical and mental disabilities into camp. We have various children coming to camp this summer with varying abilities. We have children with autism, down syndrome, children in wheel chairs and children with visual impairments. As the head counsellor, I work to ensure that each child no matter the ability, can participate in all camp activities. I’m excited to be a part of ensuring that every child can have an amazing camping experience.

I look forward to seeing all of the campers this summer!