Hazel’s MAD Post

By September 20, 2010Staff

Hazel here!
What a crazy (in a good way of course) summer it’s been here up at Camp Kintail! Music and Drama has been amazing this summer. I’ve loved every minute of it! We did all sorts of fun things in MAD this summer. Princess training school, dress up your counselor, music and drama jeopardy, making up our own songs and skits and so much more! The enthusiasm and talent that the campers had in music and drama this summer was truly amazing. Our Music & Art Express camp this year put on a production of The Lion King in the new chapel. It was a perfect setting and turned out just perfectly! All of the various groups such as Dance, Drama, Vocal, Clay, Fashion Art, Painting, Guitar and Instrumental groups all contributed and worked together toward the final performance. Campfire is one of the most memorable times that I had as a camper and as the music and drama director, I wanted to give campers that same experience. We learned a bunch of new songs which are now some camp favourites! As I look back on the summer I don’t think I could have asked for a better experience. The campers, fellow staff and directors made this summer one of the most memorable yet. Kintail is my second home and it always will be. It’s one of the best places where you feel free to be you, be crazy and be loud. I’ve definitely gone MAD this summer! I will see you all in 2011!
Peace n blessings xo Hazel
The end and the curtain closes.