Harmony House Kitchen Renovation

Harmony House

During early March of 2015, myself and a couple other staff; “Titan” and “Aqua” were able to be a part of building and upgrading the kitchen inside of Harmony House. Because all three of us either took a year off or studied an extra semester of high school, we were able to come up to camp early and help work. This was a full month process that involved moving and cutting a lot of wood but was well worth it. The finished kitchen is absolutely beautiful and is stocked with all new appliances including a stove, dishwasher, sink and two fridges. It was also installed with two new counter tops with shelving units as well as backsplash to add a little bit of colour. This new kitchen is very useful toward the staff, rental groups and visitors to have another fully working kitchen other than just the kitchen located inside of the McDonald Lodge. I know it was very useful to me whenever I wanted late night Kraft Dinner! This was just one of many awesome additions we have made this summer at Camp Kintail. If you have not already, I recommend coming up and checking out the new Harmony House kitchen as well as our other amazing additions!

Matt “Beta” Romanson

Harmony House is available for you and your group to enjoy. To book Harmony House for your group’s next retreat, visit our webpage and request information today.