Guppy & Almond’s Guest Post

By May 27, 2009Uncategorized

Almond and Guppy here! We are the official May-June babysitting team and so far Ella, Lucy, and Anna have been taking good care of us. Everyday our routine goes as follows: breakfast, clothes & hair, moringin adventure (things like changing diapers, walking all over camp, and making visits to the office, beachtime), snack time as well as Anna’s naptime which is starting to disappear as baby Anna gets bigger. We always try to fit in one more adventure just to be sure they’ll have a good nap after lunch.
We’ve been enjoying our time here at Kintail in May and seeing, as Ella would say, the “blowers” grow on the trees. In our spare time we’ve been hanging out with everyone and going kayaking on calm evenings. We can’t beleive May is almost over! Soon more staff members will be here and we’ll all be getting ready for the summer to begin & cameprs to arrive!
Hopefully more to come!
In the words of Ella and Lucy, “God bless everybody!”