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Hey, it’s the Music & Art Leaders in Training! We’ve been at camp for a little over two weeks now, and have learned SO much! Specifically age characteristics, games and songs for all ages, learning how to deal with children with special needs and how to be good LITs vs. bad LITs.

On July 24th we put on a Worship Service for the congregation of Knox Presbyterian, Goderich. It included singing, playing guitar, acting and writing the pieces of the service. The feed back we received was very good, and everyone was very impressed with what we’d done! Another thing we accomplished was mastering the skill of belaying, learning how to do all the duties (chores at camp), as well as problem solving skills. Most importantly, we bonded as a group and made many new friends.

A fun experience part of all LIT programs is the opportunity to choose nature names. Our names are:

Celeste – Pitaya

Abbey – Bayou

Robyn – Fennec

Erin – Lobster

Paula – Heron

Emma – Ptarmigan

Brandi – Prism

Beth – Echidna

We couldn’t have done any of this without the help of Guava and Hazel, our amazing counsellors. These ladies have taught us all the skills necessary to be the perfect LITs, as we are now in cabins with Day Camp.

Finally, we’ve begun thinking of ideas for our final Music & Art Project – SO STAY TUNED!

With love, the MALITs!=

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  • chris starkey says:

    these girls did an awesome job for the Knox outdoor service after only 6 days on the job. congratulations!