Guest Post from Yeti

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K8 with Yeti

Yo and hello to all. My name is Yeti and I am a 5th year staff and have been attending Kintail since I was a sprout. This year I was a Resource Counsellor for the Mid-Summer LIT programme with Hazel. It was an awesome month of moustaches, mega-sales, hiking and a disc golf tournament. On Friday, August 10, 2012 their month was up and they had to go home. It was hard to see them go but they will make stellar counsellors next year, and bring tons of fun to staff. This week I am playing the role as administrator while Marine is on time off. I guess what I am trying to say is feel free to call and shoot me any doozy questions you have as I want to see if I can answer them!

All the best,

Ben “Yeti” Zavitz


  • Diane MacLeod says:

    Hi….I am Hannah MacLeod’s mom. She was one of your MS LIT’s. Hannah misses camp very much and she seems to want to return during this season as a volunteer (not VOK). My question is: if she did this, who’s charge would she be under, could this be done on a day camp basis or where would she sleep otherwise, what kinds of jobs would she do, would she be fed, can we determine which days (2 or 3) or would she have to commit to a whole week? OK, I guess that was more than one question, but I’d appreciate a reply to all of them at your earliest convenience. Thanks for this and also for your leadership and guidance in Hannah’s month at Kintail 🙂 Diane MacLeod

  • Tree says:

    Is a Yeti a fruit of the spirit?

  • Colleen Theriault says:

    ..oh my gosh…I remember you as a little sprout!!!! How awesome that you have remained connected to Kintail all these years!!!! And you haven’t changed a bit!!LOL!!!!!! All the best to you!!!…..~~Aloe~~ (Camp Nurse for 10 yrs)