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Hello Kintail World!

When you were all working hard at camp closing back in November, Pacific, Wooly Mammoth, Quasar and Vapour were all on our way down to Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania for a PCCCA (Presbyterian Camp and Conference Centre Association) retreat weekend focusing on the world of professional camping. We were there along with about 20 other individuals  from all over North America, who came together to discuss and learn about Presbyterian Camping, and what it takes to work full time or do something like direct a camp. Despite all we learned, none of us feel quite ready to take on Trillium’s job yet! It was a great weekend where we laughed, learned, and grew together.

One of the really neat things about the weekend was seeing another Presbyterian Camp, and meeting other camp staff. We stayed at Crestfield Camp and Conference Centre, a beautiful camp staffed by lovely people. The site was so big that we got to go on a wagon ride for our tour of the grounds! We were the only Canadians in the group, and it was great to get to know camp staff from all over the USA, share stories, and learn the similarities and differences between our camps and our programs! Camp staff, regardless of where they are from, have a lot in common!

We wanted all of you counselors and future camp staff to know one of the main things we brought away from the weekend – that doing life-long work in children’s camping is totally do-able! Keep on gaining experience any way you can, and someday you too can be a camp director or other year-round camp staff! Many thanks to Trillium for sending us on our wonderful and educational road-trip!

Peace and Blessings,  Vapour and Quasar

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  • Joel Winchip says:

    It was so great to have Vapour, Quasar, Pacific and Wooly Mammoth at the PCCCA Focus Event in November. Camp Kintail is a place that changes lives. If you are considering a call to camp and conference ministry, I hope you will go to to be added to the PCCCA mailing list (and receive information about future Focus Events).