Guest Post from Ocelot

By June 15, 2009Staff

Bed time blog – Friday

Well things are starting to get busier. Robertson Memorial Elementary just finished their field trip and left here today. I had an awesome time, it was great to see some of my former campers and it made me extremely excited for the summer. A church from Stratford began their weekend retreat today, it’s great that so many people get to enjoy the site with us. I think the staff was getting a little lonely up here.

I’ve been programming away as fast as my brain spit out ideas and I have to say this summer is looking pretty epic. Thinking of new games and reminiscing about the classics is a wonderful way to spend a day.

Ella and Lucy are a lot of help. Students from Robertson Memorial seemed to really like playing capture the flag, maybe we’ll do it again this summer. I though the talent show was spectacular, it blew me away.

I really should be getting to sleep. I missed camp fire tonight because I need lots of rest after being in the sun all day. Don’t forget to bring sun screen this summer!

Peace, love & popsicles
– Ocelot