Guest Post from Monsoon

By January 3, 2010Staff

PC310108Hello, Kintail lovers!
I wanted to drop a line to say a very heartfelt Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone who is reading this blog. This holiday season has had me full of Kintail love, and made me realize something really important that I wanted to share. I’m sure many of you reading will know exactly where I am coming from.
In seeing my camp friends throughout the school year and especially over the break, I’ve learned something new about Kintail. Kintail is so much more than a place. I don’t know what next summer holds for me, and while the thought of not being at Kintail for an entire summer saddens me, I know that it doesn’t mean camp won’t always be a part of my life.
The people you meet at camp are there for a lifetime. There’s this odd connection you share with someone who has experienced Kintail with you, even if it was only for one week of your life. That connection never goes away. Sure, people drift…  you may only see people once or twice a year, but that one time or two times when you see them, it’s the best time you could ask for.  It’s something I can’t explain. It’s different from my friends in public school, high school and university. Of course I love them too, but Kintailers are special. Ocelot, Puma, Vapour, Quasar, Dune and I spent our New Year’s Eve at Kintail. For me, it was the best way possible to bring in 2010.

So, Happy New Year to all. Make the best of it!