Guest Post by Almond

By February 14, 2014Uncategorized, Alumni

Hey guys, Almond here!

Camp Kintail has been a place that I grew up with – I’ve met some of my closet friends here, I have learned some of my most important lessons here but most of all it shaped into the career that I have today. Camp Kintail helped me focus on what I wanted to do with my life, work with children.  I never really knew what direction I wanted to go with working with children, if I wanted to be a teacher or maybe even a psychologist, but the summer I was the specialty counsellor with Bacon it was very obvious to me that my strength was working with children with disabilities.  After that summer I enrolled in the Educational Assistant program and then went on the specialize in autism and now I am a therapist for children with autism at a centre in Toronto.  I started as a therapist for children with autism at a centre in Windsor, and coincidentally my manager also grew up at Kintail, it was almost like a sign to me that this is what I should be doing. With this job I am a one-to-one therapist conducting assessments and helping to improve the skills and gain new skills for children with autism.  It can be a hard and challenging job but it’s nothing camp ever tossed my way during my time there. And of course it is one of the most rewarding positions I have discovered.

Without camp I can confidently say I would have no idea where I would be. Camp shaped me into the person I am today, it has given me this confidence and knowledge that you can only get from working at a camp, especially Kintail.  It also helps that being part of the Kintail community is one that is always there when you need them, they are always there to lift you up and guide you in the right direction. I believe that things happen for a reason and the summer I didn’t go back to camp, and missed out on getting my tree, turned into the best summer of my life because I got my dream job and it was all thanks to Kintail. Everyday I use the skills that camp has taught me, it has helped me learn a different kind of patience that I have been told by supervisors they haven’t seen before, that watching how I work with children is refreshing because of the confidence I have. And I always tell them it’s because of where I started, Camp Kintail.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of camp in some way, I am always relating things back to camp.  I know camp will stay with my for the rest of my life and I know it will help me to climb within my career and to continue to make gains.

So all I have to say about Camp Kintail is….. THANK YOU!

I hope everyone else is as blessed as I was to find my dream job outside of camp – it is so rewarding!

Keep on keeping on!