Guava’s End of Summer Post

By September 24, 2010Staff

Guava’s Blogpost:

Hey everyone! It’s Guava, and I’m the Program Director for the summer of 2010! I hope you’ve all enjoyed your summer to the fullest, whether it was with spent at the beach, working, or vacationing. Here at camp, we’ve had an amazing summer 🙂

We’ve spent the past two months chasing down Justin Timberlake, getting powers back to the Fifa World Cup teams, and teaching Stormin’ Norman to be friends with Paul the Pilot (just to name a few.)  We’ve also enjoyed lots of fun games this summer, chasing staff, finding hidden people and getting squirted by our counsellors with water!

As for myself, this summer has definitely been a learning one. I’ve learned so much about myself, as well as so much about Kintail outside of counseling. My eyes have been opened so much, and this will certainly be a summer I’ll never forget.

Looking forward to seeing you all the future, whether it’s at camp, or around Ontario! Have an amazing year!

Peace an’ blessin’s!