Growth by Tide

Summer Camp Counselors

Hello all!

Camp is such a wonderful place for growth. I’ve been coming to camp since 2002 and I’ve loved every second of it. As a young girl growing up, I was always very shy and reserved. The one week per summer that I came to camp were the best weeks of my life. I wasn’t afraid to get messy nor was I afraid to be outgoing. I felt safe. Camp was a place where I could be my true self. However, when I would get home after a fantastic week here, I would revert back into this shy girl who was afraid of laughing at something simply because she didn’t want to be judged. This cycle continued for a few years until 2008; the first year I did Senior Co-ed. When I arrived at camp that year, it was the same as any other year. The week started out great and and ended great. For some reason though, something clicked and after I got home after another wonderful week, I didn’t seem to go back to my shy ways.

Two years later I did the LIT program. I spent the month of August with 7 other young people and we became a tight-knit group who loved each other no matter what. During that month, I was taught that it’s okay to be yourself without feeling ashamed and to be unafraid of the judgement of others. I developed my own style of leadership, though it took a few years for me to feel confident in expressing that.

My first, second and third years on staff, I was still quite shy. It was a new experience to be on staff with people who were my counsellors. Seeing this whole new side of a place that I’d considered a second home for 9 years was all very overwhelming. When I came back for a fourth year, however, I started to feel a shift in my confidence. I began to take more initiative and feel comfortable in my leadership abilities. I started leading more campfire songs, being more creative during my sessions and sharing my thoughts and opinions more often.

Now, being a 5th year, I feel that I have become a better version of myself thanks to camp. Along with developing a stronger connection with nature, I have learned some pretty important life lessons from the simplest things. I am no longer afraid to express myself and I have long lasting relationships with some pretty cool people. I know that this place will always be somewhere I can feel safe and it is my hope that everyone who comes here feels the same way.

Much love,