Greetings from Tanzania

By March 19, 2018Staff
Hello Kintail Community! It’s Ciel, writing to you from Tanzania, Africa. I have been volunteering here for just under 2 months now at Tumaini Children’s Foundation, an orphanage. It has overall been an amazing experience.
In Tanzania, the importance of religion is much more present than in Canada. Everyone is religious, whether that be Christian, Muslim, etc. In the past few months, I have found similarities to churches at home but not many to the way that religion is taught at camp, making it fun and exciting to be with God.
Today, I am spending the day in the hospital with one of our children who just had a major surgery. As I was sitting reading my book while she rested, I heard singing coming from the hall. I realized that I understood completely what was being sang (which usually doesn’t happen as the main language here is Swahili) and that I recognized the song. I went out to the hall to see who was singing. It was a group of girls dressed up in silly costumes singing “Making Melodies”, one of the silliest songs at camp.
In this moment, I felt so connected to home and to the wonders that God can do no matter where you are in the world.
Amani (Peace),