Grass Cutting by Lobster


Hey friends! It’s Lobster here and I want to describe to you one of the most exciting parts of my spring and summer: grass cutting. As an introvert at camp I sometimes find it can be hard to find time to myself where I can regain energy Luckily my trusty friend Wanda (i.e. the lawn mower) helped me throughout the summer to stay sane! Being able to work constructively for camp while still being able to spend the time that I need by myself was great!


However, spending time with Wanda and grass cutting is not all fun and games. There really is a science to it. You must cut the grass at the proper speed and angle, and also avoid things like trees and large poles! Sometimes you have to learn those lessons the hard way, like I did… Regardless, Wanda was an important part of my summer this year, and I look forward to hopefully spending more time with her this coming summer!


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