Going Green at Camp Kintail

By April 9, 2019Facilities

At Camp Kintail, we always try to consider and improve our environmental impact in all areas.  We were recently asked what we are doing that sets us apart, and this is part of the answer we gave.

  1. Food – We offer a large salad bar at every lunch and dinner, with a bean or pulse option, to increase healthy eating.  We purchase everything in bulk to reduce packaging.  We do not serve anything pre-packaged.  For example, we buy strawberry jam in a large bucket, then serve in re-useable containers.  This is the same for butter, salad dressings, and other condiments.  We purchase juice in large containers and use the machine to mix it with water.  Our coffee comes from a fair trade local roaster (Coastal Coffee is great!) in bulk bags.
  2. Site – We have switched almost all our lights to LED.  We mix our own vinegar and bleach solutions in re-useable spray bottles for cleaning.  We use washable cloths and tea towels rather than using paper towels.  Our paper products in bathrooms are 100% recycled and not bleached.
  3. Recycling – We pay for a comprehensive recycling container that allows almost any recyclable product to be put into it.  We ensure products get put into this by having a recycling bin in every cabin and room.
  4. Compost & Garden– We have compost containers in all the kitchens and dining areas.  Our composter is emptied at least annually to fertilize the garden where we grow some of our own food.  Our garden has grown every year and we supply the kitchen with salad greens, beets, peas, beans, carrots, corn, zucchinis and much more!  Campers help in the garden everyday to harvest vegetables.
  5. Water – We updated all toilets to be low flow.  The taps were updated so that they are motion sensor and cannot be left on to reduce water consumption.
  6. Trees – Every year we plant at least 50 new trees at the camp site.  We also trim our existing trees regularly, and rarely cut a living tree down.
  7. Erosion – We have worked to improve drainage and limit soil erosion.  At the beach we protect the dune grasses to prevent slope erosion.  We have planted some vines and installed some stones in areas where erosion was prevalent.
  8. Paper – We try to print or photocopy only as needed.  Working off a screen or sharing a printed paper is always considered best if something has to be printed.  We never use paper or plastic products for food.  We only use mugs, plates, cutlery, dishes that need to be washed.  We do not use plastic straws.

There is always more to do – let us know what else we can do to help the earth!  Do you have any cool ideas for us to adopt here at Camp? We would love to hear them!


-Johnathon “Mercury” Lee