The Gift Camp Gives Me – By Opal

By October 9, 2017Uncategorized

Hi all, Opal here.

After returning home from my 4 months working at Camp Kintail I have reflected on just what a gift it is to come to camp. Yes there is the beach and rockwall and high ropes, there is archery and a 100 foot slide and all these other things that you can not do at home that make camp special, but I want to address an aspect of camp that I truly treasure. That is how Camp Kintail is a well needed getaway from the modern world in which we live.

For many, staff, campers, volunteers and visitors Camp Kintail is an oasis away from everyday life and the media that comes with it. The average person’s daily routine is filled with media and that means advertisements. Advertisements that tell you you aren’t good enough or that you’re missing something or that you are not as happy as you could be. Worst part is these advertisements only want to sell you something and will not actually improve your life because you’re not missing anything. At Camp Kintail you live simply and realize once all you basic needs are met, life is good. Life isn’t as complicated at camp. If you are hungry, you eat. If you are thirsty, you drink. If you are tired, you sleep. If you are cold you warm yourself by the fire. If you are lonely there are lots of friendly faces to talk to.

It hasn’t been till now that I can truly appreciate simplicity in life. This is something I hope to take with me everywhere in life. When I’m stressed in school or stressed in general I can remember what camp Kintail has taught me. I already have everything I need. I will remember looking out across the lake where the sky meets the water and there is no horizon. I will remember staring up at a star filled sky and feeling small and knowing that my problems are not really problems.