A graphic of boxes and various sports and cleaning equipment with overlaying text reading," Camp Kintail Wish-List".

Camp Kintail Wish List

We are incredibly thankful for the generous contributions of individuals, congregations, and organizations over the past years. Staff, campers, guests and volunteers loved all of the various new programming, media, and maintenance equipment that have been donated. We’ve decided to continue with our Wish List – whether it is a small item like office supplies, or a larger item like new maintenance tools, it is greatly appreciated!

Would you prefer to just donate money? No problem at all! If you prefer to make a monetary donation you can use the link below. You can also call us at 519 529 7317 and our staff can assist, or send us a cheque by mail! Donations over $25.00 will receive a tax receipt.

Thank you so much for your contribution!

We LOVE using the Wish List items!

Kintail staff member named Sound stands smiling with a group of campers as their show off their discs for disc golf.

Sports Equipment!

Staff member named Xerocole smiles with a camper sitting in a red toboggan, ready to go down the 100ft slide at Camp Kintail!

New Toboggans!

A young male camper smiles and waves while wearing his PFD in a corcl on Lake Huron.

New Paddles!

A group of campers and staff sit at picnic tables on an arts and crafts porch putting beads on pipe cleaners to create beaded snakes.

Crafting Supplies!