General Assembly 2011

By June 8, 2011Uncategorized

This past Sunday, Camp Kintail staff were honoured to volunteer at the 137th General Assembly of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.  Trillium, Vapour, Giraffe, Flame, Avalance, Hazel, and Orbit headed to London after leading worship at Glencoe Presbyterian Church.  We helped arriving commissioners with their luggage and registration.  We got to meet many great friends of Presbyterian camping, with connections to Camp Kannawin, Cairn, Camp Christopher, and many other camps.  We met lots of people with connections to Kintail as well!  We attended the opening worship at Alumni Hall and loved the incredible music and the meaningful message preached by the Rev. Dr. Herb Gale.  He will be preaching at our Cake By The Lake event for the women of the church and it got us excited about that upcoming date.  We helped greet arriving worshippers and cleaned up after communion.  The next morning the youth of London Presbytery led worship, and our staff did a drama for the scripture reading.  The youth from the Presbytery did a great job and we loved the awesome music.  Terra and Apricot were helping to lead worship with their youth groups.  All in all, it was a wonderful opportunity to serve the church and see the wider church in action.