Garden thoughts by Tide

By November 10, 2015Uncategorized

Hello fellow nature lovers!

This past spring and summer, I had the opportunity and pleasure to be the gardener at Camp Kintail. Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve loved being outside and having my bare feet touch the earth. It’s always helped me to feel grounded. Pun intended.

When I got to camp in mid-April, I spent lots of the time searching Pinterest and coming up with ideas to make the garden beautiful and luscious. One idea that I had was to create a stone foot-path through the garden to make it a bit more interactive. Thank you to Escarpment who was able to provide us with some stones to create this! Another idea that I had was the sunflower circle. This idea came from the previous gardener, Shea. He created a small sunflower circle and I loved it so much that I brought it back! This time around I made it a lot bigger to make it accessible to whole cabin groups. Many cabins have told me that they have done FLASH inside the circle!
I find that I am most at peace with myself when I am out working in the garden. There’s something almost therapeutic about pulling weeds out of the ground or feeling the soil against my bare feet. I believe that developing a strong connection with nature is one of the most stress-relieving and beautiful things we can do for ourselves. I hope that everyone is able to achieve this in some way. Find your bliss! Being able to have that connection while being at a wonderful, accepting and loving place with equally loving people has been one of the best experiences of my life.

Much love,