From L.I.T to L.I.T R.C

A group photo of the 2019 LITs and their staff counsellors laying in a circle on the grass with their arms stretched towards the centre smiling. They are all wearing dark purple t-shirts.

In the summer of 2015, I participated in the August L.I.T program at Camp Kintail. It was during this month that I laid foundations in my faith, developed beautiful, lifelong friendships and found strength in my capabilities as a leader. My experiences throughout this month changed my views on what it meant to be a leader and a Christian. During my time in this program and to this day, my Resource Counsellors were two of the brightest and bravest individuals I’d have the pleasure of spending my time with. They encouraged, pushed and inspired each of us to be the best versions of ourselves. As an L.I.T, my ultimate goal was to hopefully have that position and to lead as they did, with a whole lot of love. Four years later (YAY) and that goal was met.

On July 28th, I welcomed ten incredible young people to camp who would proceed to entertain, inspire and push me to levels I wasn’t sure I was capable of reaching for the next four, wonderful weeks. As one of the Resource Counsellors for the L.I.Ts of August this past summer, my job was to help these young people discover their potential in leadership both at camp and in the world. Though the month did not run without its challenges, the days spent with the August L.I.Ts were some of my best. Throughout their stay, I watched each and every one of them learn and flourish as they interacted with campers and took on roles that developed their abilities. Each one was as open, compassionate, witty and strong as the next, and it is wonderful to think that they are the future leaders of Kintail and of their respective communities. As has been said about this program many times before, it was easily one of the most incredible adventures I have experienced yet in life.


It was enlightening to experience this program from both ends, first learning from my Resource Counsellors and this year sharing that knowledge with my own L.I.Ts. I also think it’s safe to say that they taught me just as must as I did them. The great thing about this program and about Camp as a whole is that it’s not only an extraordinary and changing experience for the campers, but for the counsellors as well. The pride and love that I feel for each of my kiddos is truly unmatched. I am ecstatic to see the wonderful things that each of my L.I.T lovelies will accomplish and am beyond thankful to have spent the month of August learning, loving and growing with them.

What are some of your experiences of leadership at Camp Kintail?

DFTBA (Don’t forget to be awesome),
Jordan “Tuulikki” Graber


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