Friendships Bracelets by Snowdrop

By December 20, 2013Uncategorized

Bracelet making is a popular Arts and Crafts activity at camp. Campers love the variety of bracelets you can make.  The three main types of string used to make bracelets are embroidery floss, hemp and boondoggle (plastic lace).  Popular bracelet styles to make with embroidery floss are Chinese staircase, the diagonal and the arrow.  Bracelets that are commonly made with hemp are the flat square and the spiral.  Boondoggle tends to be the top choice of bracelet string.  Bracelets that are made with boondoggle are the square, the circle, and the zipper. Campers enjoy picking out different colours that they can use for their bracelets and the different kinds of beads they can incorporate into their bracelet design.  You can make bracelets for yourself and create a collection on your wrist or you can make a cool friendship bracelet to give to a friend!