Fostering Self Esteem at Camp by Lobster

Something really near and dear to my heart is self-image and self-esteem, and how those things affect people and their daily lives. Being at camp is no exception; in fact I think that at camp these things become even more important. As staff members we are role models at camp, and that is something that we all take seriously. We work actively to model healthy relationships, positivity, and a strong sense of self. We also work to model a positive self-image and positive body image; we speak only positive and constructive things about others, and ourselves.


At camp we get to work with youth in some of the hardest and more stressful times of their lives. We spend time with campers as they are growing up and dealing with so many things: their understanding of the world changing, family issues, mental health, puberty, friendships growing and fading, or relationships forming. Every child who comes to camp is dealing with something and has an important story to tell. That is why it is so important that we as campers and staff members work to lift each other up and love each other in such a way that we grow to love ourselves just as much as God loves us. I know that for myself Camp Kintail has been such an important part of my self-esteem growing and my understanding of myself coming together. It is not an accident that camp has brought me those things, it wouldn’t have been possible without the safe community that is built here and without the hard work done and the love expressed by the camp staff and campers. I know that Camp Kintail will continue to be a place for young people to learn to love others, God, and themselves