Fort Hill Presbyterian Church

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One of the most exciting events from 2010 was a mission trip who came to Camp Kintail this summer.  We were delighted that the youth group from Fort Hill Presbyterian Church from South Carolina came up the Kintail this past spring.  They were a fun group who brought a lot of energy, enthusiasm, and creativity.  They worked hard to painting the rec hall, getting the site ready for campers, dragging wood to be wood-chipped, and clearing stones around the Lodge.  We are very grateful for the work that they put into the camp and the fun they brought!  Our program staff had a great time hosting this group and we hope they come back!  If you know of a youth group who are looking for a similar mission trip, just call the camp office! 

Taken right before the group left with a Canadian flag we hope is on their youth room wall!

There was time for reflection, worship, and music as well.

Posing after a very wet and muddy afternoon spent dragging branches to the wood-chipper and then taking the chips around the site.

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  • William says:

    The flag is indeed on the youth room wall! We had an awesome time as well. Thanks for having us! And let us know if any of y’all are ever down south.