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Fort Building by Escarpment

By October 23, 2014Uncategorized


Fort building was a popular session at Outdoor Living Skills this yer, and pictured here are some of the coolest forts built all summer. Building a fort is one of those classic kid experiences that everyone should have a chance to try, and camp provides a beautiful natural area in The Glen to do so. It also brings the whole cabin together to create something that is theirs and theirs alone. Older campers often even learn how to build their fort into a survival shelter by filling in the walls and roof with smaller sticks and then adding a thick layer of deadfall, leaves, and bark to the top. A cabin’s fort can even become a place they go to hang out during free time or FLASH later on in the week. Fort building was one of my favourite sessions to lead this year, because it brings out so much of the kids’ natural creativity and ingenuity, and it lets me go back to being a kid and building forts with my brother Chasm in the forest around our house.

IMG_0679 IMG_0667