Last night the staff from Camp Kintail and Camp Menesetung came together for a flash mob at the fireworks in Goderich.  For the past week, both groups of staff have been learning the dance, choreographed by members of each staff.  We got together for joint training yesterday and then surprised the staff and let them know we would be doing a flash mob together.  We had a great time practicing and getting the dance perfect.  It was a lot of fun actually doing the flash mob.  Enjoy the video!


  • Forest says:

    Awesome job guys! Looked like a fantastic time!

  • Camp Menesetung Staff says:

    Thank you Kintail Staff! We loved every minute of the FLASH MOB experience with your staff!
    Let’s do it again sometime!
    Menesetung Staff!

  • Laurel McGregor says:

    Awesome job!! Love you Giraffe!! 🙂

  • Michelle Gdanski says:

    =)omg, I’m going to camp yhis weekend and im soooo exited!!!!!!
    Outdoor explorers….or some thing like that????!?!M