Flare’s End of Summer Post

By September 28, 2010Staff

Hey Everybody! I just want to say thanks for a fantastic summer!

When I first thought about writing a blog post, I thought, where do I even begin to explain this summer? So much has happened and I am so thankful for everyone who was apart of it. Some of you may know that this was my fifth year on staff (that’s right, I got a tree!). I can’t believe I’ve been on staff for 5 years! Over the past 3 years I have finally come to a conclusion about what Kintail means to me. Kintail is an amazing place. I know that when I leave, I will never, ever find a place like it. Part of me has thought that after working here for 5 years, it may be time to find a summer job somewhere else but as I go to chapel every morning, sing grace before each meal, swim in the lake and say goodnight at campfire, I can’t stand the thought of ever doing that for the last time. Whether you come for one year, five years or even ten, Kintail will always be a part of you. I can’t begin to explain how happy this place has made me! Even at the end of the summer, when I feel exhausted and burnt, I look around and know that there is no other place I would rather be. I hope everyone had a great summer and as your Waterfront/Adventure Director, I want to say thanks for great sessions, great leaders and beautiful weather. Peace and Love!

– Heather