Flame’s Guest Post

By May 4, 2009Uncategorized

Class is done, exams are finished and furniture is moved. Look out Kintail here I come. I can’t believe I’m heading to Kintail today! I don’t think I will ever outgrow the anticipation and excitement of going to Kintail. Over the past few weeks I’ve talked to many of this summer’s program staff (like Lunar, Pacific and Ocelot) and I know that they are super pumped for this summer too.

For the next few months Trillium, programme staff and I will be working hard on developing programmes for “Love Changes Everything” so that we can all have the best summer ever! At the beginning of June more programme staff will be joining us at camp and by the end of June the rest of the counsellors will be up here at Kintail rockin ready to go! I know that everyone (counsellors, LIT’s and campers) are counting down the days till we can meet again at camp.

We will be visiting some of your churches in the next few months. We’d really like you to come help us sing some of our camp songs so feel free to join in on any or all of the songs. When the service is finished make sure you come and say hello to us. We’re looking forward to seeing some of your familiar faces.

Till next time, later days!
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