Five Years on Staff by Peridot

By January 15, 2015Staff

Hello everyone,

This past summer has been an amazing summer. It was my 5th summer on staff, which is quite a long time considering I’m only 21. Five years ago in 2009, I did the Leaders In Training program here at Camp Kintail. To this day, I still find that to be one of the best months of my life. I learned so much and I made lifelong friendships (I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about doing LIT!!)  I’ve been working here every summer since and I absolutely love it. It may be tiring at times, but it is sooo rewarding and so much fun! In June some of my friends who are also 5th years and I had a tree dedicated in our honour in our Celebration Tree Garden, commemorating our time on staff.  It meant a lot to us because camp is so important to us.  I feel like I have grown up at camp and it is such an amazing experience to be part of such an incredible community, spending my summers with kids and my best friends. These memories will last a lifetime.



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