First comes Love…

Camp weddings are unlike any wedding you will attend elsewhere. The entire site is transformed, and you can feel love filling the Kintail air. It’s hard to imagine that only the day before, the site was bursting with children full of energy and adventures.

The beach that just had children splashing and laughing in the water yesterday is now serene and romantic to watch the quiet sunset as a newlywed couple. The loud dining hall yesterday was filled with children eating and singing as food was quickly served and tables were cleared. Now, the tables are covered in crisp white linens and napkins. The “special” silverware, glassware and dishes have been taken out of hiding for the day. The centerpieces are rustic, elegant wooden discs, wildflowers, pebbles and candles that provide the perfect atmosphere, with the small lights twinkling above.

All of the activities that are normally exciting for children to try can now be used as entertainment for your guests as they wait for you to take photos and prepare for dinner. Kayaking and zip lining are great ways to pass the time for guests of all ages. The site has all the destination locations for your wedding photos to look back on in years to come. Beach, forest, and fields are all waiting for the camera. McKay Hall and Bluevale Deck are the perfect places for a cocktail hour and receiving line.

The camp food that is always delicious has been carefully prepared to suit the menu you choose. The staff are diligent and professional as they serve the tables (instead of usually being energetic and loud with campers). The cabins are no longer filled with 10 children and 2 staff. Now, they are the perfect overnight accommodations for your guests so they don’t need to drive home. One yurt has even been decorated as the perfect romantic honeymoon suite.

Camp is so adaptable for any type of wedding, which is why it is such an ideal location. We see weddings here from camp alumni, people with camp histories, people that fell in love at camp, or even people with no connections. Every time camp hosts a wedding, we gain resources and knowledge to make the next one even better. Camp now even has a disco ball and sound system to make your dance party even better!

This Valentine’s day, remember everything that you love about camp, and all the people that make it such a special place. Maybe even give your valentine a hint about how romantic a camp wedding could be!

Happy Valentines Day!


Peace and Love,


To view information on booking your wedding at Camp Kintail for the 2016 season visit the Weddings page on our website.

Congratulations to Pika and Stork on their engagement. We’re looking forward to another Camp Kintail wedding.