Disc Golf, Gaga Ball and Sports

By March 5, 2015

Try out our 18 hole Disc Golf course that brings you all across the site! From open fields, over creeks, or in the woods, there’s lots of fun tricks to learn! Disc Golf is similar to golf, but is played with special frisbees known as discs instead of clubs and golf balls. Play for fun or grab a score card and see who wins!

Gaga ball is a fantastic variation of dodgeball that is popular for all ages! It is a fast paced game played in a confined space. Players hit a soft ball with their hands, trying to hit their opponent from the knee down. If you get hit you’re out – but don’t worry a new game will start shortly!

We have 3 large playing fields that are great for sports like football, soccer, and ultimate frisbee! There is also a basketball court outside MacDonald Lodge are various nets set up across site that are perfect for volleyball or badminton! We have a variety of equipment for sports from baseball to croquet there is plenty to keep you busy!