What if my daughter is a year too young for a certain camp? What if my son is a year too old for a camp?

By January 26, 2015

This is a question we get a lot! The ages printed on-line and in our brochure are the ages we expect children will be at the end of the year. So if your daughter will be turning eight in September, then she should definitely come to a camp for eight year olds. However, if you think she will do better with seven year olds, don’t hesitate to send her to a camp for seven year olds. If your son is twelve, but you feel he is better suited to a camp for eleven year olds, then that is probably the right camp for him. At Kintail, we trust your instincts as parents about what would be the most appropriate camp for your child. Campers are arranged in cabins by age, so they will be with other children who are closest to them in age in their cabins. If you are considering sending your child to a camp that is above or below their age, please give the camp office a call, as we can help you navigate the choices on the on-line registration system.