What about special dietary concerns? What if my camper is a “picky eater”?

By January 26, 2015

We take special care to ensure that all visitors with food allergies or dietary restrictions are well fed. Our kitchen staff work hard to provide quality alternatives for these campers. If your camper has a very specific or difficult to manage dietary concern, please contact us prior to their stay. If parents would prefer to send their camper with their own alternatives the kitchen staff are happy to prepare it for them at meal times.

Not every meal is for everyone, and at Camp Kintail we understand that! Fruit, bread, jam and soy- butter, a tasty peanut butter alternative, are offered as an alternative at every meal that is catered by Camp Kintail. A Camp Kintail staff member is seated at every table and they will ensure that your camper is satisfied with their meals!