What if my camper is a year to young for a certain camp? What is my camper is a year too old for a certain camp?

By January 26, 2015

The ages printed online and in our brochure are the ages we expect campers will be at the end of the year. If your camper is turning eight in the summer, then they should definitely come to a camp for eight-year-olds! However, if you think they would do better with seven-year-olds, do not hesitate to send them to a camp with that age! If your camper is twelve, but you feel they are better suited for a camp with eleven-year-olds then that it probably the right camp for them! At Kintail we trust your instincts as parent about which camp is most appropriate for your camper.

Our cabins are sorted by age, so they will be with other campers who are in a similar age range to them. If you are considering sending your camper to camp that is above or below the age range they fall into, please give us a call at 519 529 7317 and we can help you navigate these choices on the online registration system.