What are the benefits of being part of Camp Kintail Staff?

By January 27, 2015

What are the benefits?! What AREN’T the benefits!!!  Being Camp Kintail Staff provides people with a close and accepting community full of Christians from all over Southwestern Ontario and beyond. Often staff members say that there is something different about the friends made at Camp Kintail; that they feel a special closeness with them, creating friendships that will last a lifetime!

As well as amazing friends, Camp Kintail will look OUTSTANDING on a resume, no matter what you’re applying for! For any position involving children and youth, being a Camp Kintail Staff provides training and experience in working with children as well as youth programming and lesson delivery. If a future working with kids is not for you, that’s okay too! Kintail still provides an excellent opportunity to learn leadership and responsibility in an outdoor setting, while having fun! No matter what your future holds, Kintail staff will help you to gain skills you can use!

And finally, one of the biggest benefits to working as Camp Kintail Staff is the fun and the memories you’ll have each summer you’re here! Camp is a unique opportunity to make some money, grow in faith and have a blast! The memories that you make at camp, whether you work here one year or ten years, are memories that will stay with you forever!