How does the application process work to become a Camp Kintail counsellor or support staff?

By January 27, 2015

The application for counseling and support (kitchen/maintenance) staff can be found on the website at the beginning of November for the following summer. There are two different applications for Kintail staff: One specific to applicants who have never worked at Camp Kintail before, and one specific to returning staff.  Both types of applications must be received by the Camp Kintail winter office on the dates indicated.

All applicants are then expected to participate in a mandatory staff interview day, usually held in the middle of February.  Here, applicants will have to opportunity to show off their leadership skills and fun-loving nature in a group setting, as well as have an individual interview at some point during the day.

Within two weeks after staff interviews, the applicants will be informed if they we successful in the application process.