Summer 2021 On-Site Camps – New Information Coming January 2021

Updates for Camp Kintail summer camp programs for 2021 will be made available on our website and across our social media platforms in the winter of 2021.  Stay tuned and we’ll provide all the information you’ll need to plan for your camper or families next visit to Kintail!

Can I send my camper mail while they’re at camp?

Not only can you, we ENCOURAGE you too! Everybody loves receiving mail through the Kintail Post! Friends and family are welcome to leave letters, postcards or packages with the Kintail Post on opening day to be distributed to campers at Mail Call once a day, everyday of camp! If you’d like a letter to be received by your camper on a specific day of camp, just write the day on the envelope, and our talented Kintail Post staff (Postman Sam) will sort it accordingly! Happy Mailing!





Does my camper have to be Presbyterian to attend Camp Kintail?

Definitely not!  In no way do we require campers at any age to be Presbyterian. Children will participate in daily chapel and FLASH (Faith Learning and SHaring) and these Bible studies are based around the philosophies of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. However, each child and youth is free to hold their own opinions during this time; it is up to each individual to explore their own faith at their own pace and Camp Kintail respects that.

How often will my camper swim and how safe is your waterfront?

LifeguardAt Camp Kintail we love to swim and we LOVE to stay safe! There are two senior staff members every summer, whose job involves ensuring that our waterfront is super fun and super safe for campers.

The Waterfront Director is in charge of afternoon swim times which happen every day. They must have a current National Lifesaving Service (NLS) certification, a current Standard First-Aid/CPR-C certification and must always take part in an annual Waterfront specific NLS course. Together with the Watercraft director, they ensure that our beach meets all of the Ontario Camps Association and Lifesaving Society’s regulations for a safe swim zone and they provide training for our guard staff specific for our Kintail beach.

The Watercraft Director is in charge of our canoeing and kayaking program, which our campers have a chance to participate in at least three times a week. They must have a current Bronze Cross Swimming Certification (preferably their NLS), a current Standard First-Aid/CPR-C certification and they will always take part in an Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association training course. Together with the Waterfront director, they ensure that our beach meets all of the Ontario Camping Association and Lifesaving Society’s regulations for a safe swim zone and they provide training for our guard staff specific for our Kintail beach.

All campers swim in a swim area marked with buoy-lines and guarded by several qualified NLS lifeguards. Campers take part in the Kintail Swim Challenge at the beginning of every week to ensure that campers and lifeguards are aware of campers’ abilities in the water and can provide the appropriate assistance where necessary.

What about my campers’ special dietary concerns?

At Camp Kintail we take special care into ensuring that children with food allergies will not need to worry or miss out on the great food at camp! Our kitchen staff work hard to provide an alternative to these campers, free of risky foods. As well, we offer a vegetarian option at all of our meals.

Camp Kintail is also a NUT-AWARE ZONE to ensure the safety of all of our campers, visitors and staff with nut allergies.  We work hard to be nut free, but we can not guarantee a nut-free site due to the number of visitors to our site. If snacks are brought by campers with nuts, they are removed from the cabin and returned to the parents at the end of the week.

If your camper has a very specific or difficult to manage food allergy, please contact us prior to your child coming to camp. In the past, these campers have brought up their own alternatives which our kitchen staff has been more than happy to prepare for them for meal times. We will work with you to find a suitable solution for your camper!

What if my camper is a ‘selective’ eater?

Not every meal is for everyone, and at Camp Kintail we understand that!  Fruit, bread, jam and soy-butter (which is like a peanut-free peanut butter) is offered as an alternative at every meal! And with at least two staff at every table, we will ensure that your camper is happy and healthy with the meals while at Camp Kintail!

What if my daughter is a year too young for a certain camp? What if my son is a year too old for a camp?

This is a question we get a lot! The ages printed on-line and in our brochure are the ages we expect children will be at the end of the year. So if your daughter will be turning eight in September, then she should definitely come to a camp for eight year olds. However, if you think she will do better with seven year olds, don’t hesitate to send her to a camp for seven year olds. If your son is twelve, but you feel he is better suited to a camp for eleven year olds, then that is probably the right camp for him. At Kintail, we trust your instincts as parents about what would be the most appropriate camp for your child. Campers are arranged in cabins by age, so they will be with other children who are closest to them in age in their cabins. If you are considering sending your child to a camp that is above or below their age, please give the camp office a call, as we can help you navigate the choices on the on-line registration system.

What will my camper eat while they’re at Camp Kintail?

Camp Kintail is passionate about keeping kids healthy through nutritious food and fun exercise! Our Kitchen staff ensure that campers are offered all the daily requirements in Canada’s Daily Food Guide through options such as real fruit juices, milk served two meals a day and fresh fruit offered at the kitchen all day. We do all this and still ensure that all the camp meals that campers know and love are available… so bring on the grilled cheese!

When is Drop-Off time and Pick-Up time for campers?

The drop-off time for campers is between 3:00pm and 4:00pm on opening day. Staff will be in front of the lodge, ready to help your camper move in and meet their cabin mates!

At the end of every camp campers and staff perform a final closing campfire in the lodge which happens at 10:30am on closing day; friends and family are encouraged to join us at 10:30am this day to see what we’ve been up to all week before heading home with their camper.

Family Camp and Day Camp are our only exceptions!  Day campers can arrive at 9:30am on the Tuesday to Friday of day camp and they can be picked up at 4:30pm after each day of fun! Family campers can arrive between 7pm and 8pm on the Friday of the Civic Holiday weekend and enjoy their weekend at Kintail until the drive home at 2pm on the holiday Monday.

Where will be my child be sleeping?


Your child will be sleeping in one of our spacious cabins.  There are adult sized bunk-beds in each cabin with comfortable mattresses.