Are the training events really mandatory?

Yes! Staff Training events are not only a time for the staff to bond as a Christian working community, but they are a time to gain and improve upon essential skills needed for working with children in the upcoming summer. Camp Kintail currently holds three mandatory staff training events:

  • Staff Orientation, which is held the first weekend in May
  • Staff Training, which is held the last week of June/ first week of July
  • Staff Retraining, which is held the Wednesday to Friday before the Civic Holiday Weekend

All staff members are expected to attend these events. If inflexible events coincide with these dates, it is the staff member’s responsibility to contact the Camp Kintail Director as soon as possible to make the necessary arrangements.

How do I apply for the Reach Higher Staff Scholarship?

This scholarship was created by the Camp Kintail Board to encourage excellence and celebrate personal development amongst staff members, and recognize their significant contribution to our Christian camping ministry.

Click here to download the 2017 Reach Higher Staff Scholarship form.

How does the application process differ when applying to be Programme Staff?

When applying for a programme staff position, applications forms are still found on the website in the beginning of November. There are still the same two different applications for Kintail staff:  One specific to applicants who have never worked at Camp Kintail before, and one specific to returning staff. However, programme staff applications are due to the Camp Kintail winter office by the BEGINNING of January.

All applicants will be contacted with a specific appointment time for their programme staff interview, held in the end of January. Programme staff interviews are held individually, and are a chance for you to tell the interviewers about your leadership experience and your plans for the upcoming summer.

Within two weeks after programme staff interviews, the applicants will be informed if they were successful in the application process.

How does the application process work to become a Camp Kintail counsellor or support staff?

The application for counseling and support (kitchen/maintenance) staff can be found on the website at the beginning of November for the following summer. There are two different applications for Kintail staff: One specific to applicants who have never worked at Camp Kintail before, and one specific to returning staff.  Both types of applications must be received by the Camp Kintail winter office on the dates indicated.

All applicants are then expected to participate in a mandatory staff interview day, usually held in the middle of February.  Here, applicants will have to opportunity to show off their leadership skills and fun-loving nature in a group setting, as well as have an individual interview at some point during the day.

Within two weeks after staff interviews, the applicants will be informed if they we successful in the application process.

How much do Camp Kintail staff members get paid?

The rate of pay for a Camp Kintail staff member is dependent on a variety of factors.  First, as a staff members’ years of camp staff experience increase (either at Kintail or otherwise) their rate of pay will increase.  As well, staff members with specific qualifications that are beneficial to Camp Kintail programming, such as swimming (NLS, Bronze Cross) or Canoeing Instructors (ORCKA) will be rewarded with a high rate of pay.

For more information on staff wages, please contact the Camp Kintail office.

What are the benefits of being part of Camp Kintail Staff?

What are the benefits?! What AREN’T the benefits!!!  Being Camp Kintail Staff provides people with a close and accepting community full of Christians from all over Southwestern Ontario and beyond. Often staff members say that there is something different about the friends made at Camp Kintail; that they feel a special closeness with them, creating friendships that will last a lifetime!

As well as amazing friends, Camp Kintail will look OUTSTANDING on a resume, no matter what you’re applying for! For any position involving children and youth, being a Camp Kintail Staff provides training and experience in working with children as well as youth programming and lesson delivery. If a future working with kids is not for you, that’s okay too! Kintail still provides an excellent opportunity to learn leadership and responsibility in an outdoor setting, while having fun! No matter what your future holds, Kintail staff will help you to gain skills you can use!

And finally, one of the biggest benefits to working as Camp Kintail Staff is the fun and the memories you’ll have each summer you’re here! Camp is a unique opportunity to make some money, grow in faith and have a blast! The memories that you make at camp, whether you work here one year or ten years, are memories that will stay with you forever!

What qualifications do you need to be on Camp Kintail Staff?

All Camp Kintail staff members need to be turning seventeen during 2013. It is highly recommended that staff members have completed a leadership training course either at Camp Kintail or at another setting to ensure that they are equipped to work with Kintail campers.

All staff members MUST have a current Standard First Aid/CPR-C certification as well as a police check no older than one year by the time they come to Staff Training. If either of these requirements are not met by the time campers arrive, that staff member will not be permitted to work with campers.

When applying to programme staff, additional qualifications are required for particular positions. Please contact the camp office for job descriptions.

And last, but CERTAINLY not least, all Camp Kintail Staff members must be fun leaders in outdoor ministry, love working with children, and show a genuine faith in God!