Below is a selection of our most frequently asked questions about school trips to Camp Kintail. If you can’t find the answer to your questions below please email [email protected] and he will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

Camp Kintail is a Christian Camp. Will there be faith based programs during our trip?

Camp Kintail is a Presbyterian Church Camp.  We do recognize that faith based activities are not a part of all school trips and they are not included unless specifically requested by you.  If you would like to have faith based activities included as a part of your school trip please let us know.

Do your staff complete a criminal record check?

Yes, all of Camp Kintail staff have to successfully complete a criminal record check as a condition of employment, and have two written references annually.

How and when do I pay for the trip?

We will provide you with an invoice for your trip before you leave at the end of your visit. The school can then mail a cheque to the camp for the amount on the invoice. We do it this way so that you are invoiced for the number of students who actually come on the trip. If you require an invoice prior to your trip we can provide one based on the predicted number of students attending.

How many staff/volunteers do I need to provide for my group?

This is up to you. We will provide staff to go with the groups around our site and to safely
facilitate all of our activities. Usually this means the teachers can drift from one group to
another to really get a feel for how much fun their students are having. Each group of
students will have a dedicated staff with them for the day, to ensure their safety and to get
to know them.

How much will it cost the staff / volunteers to come for the day?

Teaching staff and volunteers are free to attend a day trip. For day trips with a catered
lunch teachers and volunteers will pay the price of the lunch only. Teachers and volunteers
are half the price of a student for overnight trips. There is complimentary coffee and tea
all day for teachers and volunteers, we recommend bringing a travel mug with you.

How often is your site inspected?

Regular visits and approval by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Huron County Health Unit confirm that our kitchen, washrooms, sleeping areas and site meet with Provincial regulations. The Ministry of Environment monitors our drinking water that is tested daily, and monitors our septic systems that are tested and inspected 3 times each year.

How often will my students swim and how safe is your waterfront?

At Camp Kintail we love to swim and we love to stay safe! There are two senior staff members every summer, whose job involves ensuring that our waterfront is safe for campers.

Students will swim as often as you choose when you book your trip, but we are flexible while you are at Camp Kintail too.  So if you want to swim more than was planned just let us know and we will do our best to adjust your schedule accordingly.

The Waterfront Directors must have a current National Lifesaving Service (NLS) certification, a current Standard First-Aid/CPR-C certification. They ensure that our beach meets all of the OPHEA Guidelines and Lifesaving Society’s regulations for a safe swim zone and they provide training for our guard staff specific to our Kintail beach. The Watercraft Directors are in charge of our canoeing and kayaking program, and always take part in an Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association training course.

All campers swim in a swim area marked with buoy-lines and guarded by multiple qualified NLS lifeguards. Anyone going out in a canoe or kayak wears a properly fitting PFD, and each boat has a rescue kit attached to it. Our swimming area is both sandy and shallow, no one will be swimming in an area they cannot touch the ground.

How safe is your drinking water?

We have a new state of the art water treatment system that includes chlorination. Our water is tested daily and we have several “Small Drinking Water Systems Operators” on staff to meet with all Ontario water legislation. Our water testing is monitored by an outside company Veolia, who are responsible for other systems along Lake Huron and the Town of Goderich.

I have a student with a physical disability; will they be able to participate?

Camp Kintail is accessible to all visitors. We have a ramp down to the beach, we have ramps to several cabins, and our lodges are accessible. Our staff have received accessibility training to allow most participants to access the high ropes course and rock wall.

Is Camp Kintail a nut free site?

We are a nut aware facility. We do our best to keep nuts and products that may contain nuts off of our site but we cannot guarantee that our site is 100% nut free, as sometimes students or guests bring something with them. When this happens, our staff will ask that the item containing nuts be put back into their bag or put into the garbage. If it was opened, the person will be asked to wash their hands. We have staff with nut allergies, and almost every group has someone with a nut sensitivity.

Is there anywhere to get a hot coffee or tea at Camp Kintail?

21-08-13_kintail201339-230Yes! There is always complimentary hot coffee and hot water for tea or hot chocolate available for the teachers and parents/volunteers. We recommend you bring a travel mug with you.





OPHEA Guidelines and Staff Qualifications

We have reviewed the OPHEA guidelines for all high risk activities, and we exceed all the requirements. All our staff members receive professional training, and we use certified safety equipment for all activities. At all activities proper safety equipment is provided and instruction for its use will be given.

There are first aid kits at all high risk activities, and an AED on site.

Staff members at high risk activities carry VHF radios to communicate with the office and one another.

Staff with Swimming Qualifications:
Hannah Currie – CUH60F
Matthew Speer – LAET2J
Jessica Hooker – HOJ65P
Lauren Holden – HOL54V
Aaron Holden – HOA351
Erin Bourke – BOE44V

Staff with ORCKA Qualifications
Peter Godwin
Lauren Holden

Staff with Standard First Aid and CPR-C
All Staff

What about my campers’ special dietary concerns?

At Camp Kintail we take special care into ensuring that children with food allergies or sensitivities will not need to worry or miss out on the great food at camp! Our kitchen staff work hard to provide an excellent alternative to these campers. As well, we offer a vegetarian option at all of our meals.

If your camper has a very specific or difficult to manage food allergy, please contact us prior to your child coming to camp.  In the past, these campers have brought up their own alternatives which our kitchen staff has been more than happy to prepare for them for meal times.  We will work with you to find a suitable solution for your camper!

What if it rains while we are there?

While we cannot guarantee the sunshine, we are rarely rained out at Camp Kintail. If it is a light rain or drizzle we will usually continue with the program as planned. If it is raining heavily we have a lot of indoor space for activities and we have rain options already planned.

What if my student is just a picky eater?

Not every meal is for everyone, and at Camp Kintail we understand that! Fruit, bread, jam and soy-butter is offered as an alternative at every meal that is catered by Camp Kintail. And with a Camp Kintail staff member at every table, we will ensure that your camper is happy and healthy with the meals!

What if one of my students forgets their packed lunch?

Don’t worry; we won’t let a child go hungry. We can always come up with a healthy lunch for the inevitable times when a student forgets their packed lunch.

What insurance do you have?

We have $5,000,000 liability insurance, and a comprehensive package that goes with it. A copy of our certificate of proof of insurance is available upon request

What training does your staff receive?

All staff members have training in first aid and hold Standard First Aid Certificates and CPR “C”.

Waterfront staff hold National Lifeguarding Service certification, as well there are several staff members who hold Bronze Cross certification. Some staff have high ropes and zip line training, all staff are trained to belay at the rock wall, and some staff have taken low ropes training. Some staff receive archery training, almost all staff have taken training in non-violent crisis intervention and mental disorders. All training courses are taught by professionals with certifications in each area.

What will the food be like?

For school groups that choose to have Camp Kintail cater their meals, our kitchen staff ensures that students are offered all the daily requirements in Canada’s Daily Food Guide. We work hard to ensure our food is excellent, both hot and tasty, and that there is enough for everyone to have seconds. Camp Kintail does not serve juice crystals, only real juice.

Where will teachers stay for overnight trips?

Teachers will typically stay in the Feathers Cottage. It has a full kitchen, bathroom, living room and three bedrooms. It is fully heated and air conditioned. Typically it is one of the favourite features of Camp Kintail for the staff and volunteers who come with school groups on overnight trips.

Will I have to lead any of the activities?

Camp Kintail’s trained and experienced staff will lead all of the activities for your groups. They are experienced, enthusiastic and excited to work with your students. We encourage teachers to join in and try activities with your students, and to encourage and enable them during the day.

Will there be other schools / groups on site at the same time as us?

There might be other school groups at Camp Kintail during your visit. We do our best to keep the programs separate. In fact, some schools don’t even realize that another group was on the site until the end of the day.