Camp Kintail has many great activities and programming to offer! Discover what you and your group are interested in by reading about each of the activities below. We pride ourselves on our ability to create programming suited to EVERYONE’s needs. Please contact us by emailing [email protected] or calling 519 529 7317 if you have any questions or if you have an activity request that is not currently listed below.

Adventure and Team Building

These sessions are targeted to create closer and stronger bonds within a group. By participating in a variety of activities and low rope element challenges, participants improve their teamwork and communication with each other. We have many Low Rope elements including, but not limited to, Spiders Web, Pirates Crossing, Tire Traverse, Bermuda Triangle, Whale Watch, Wizard’s Walk, and more! Adventure and Team Building is available for participants of all ages. If there is a specific attribute you want your group to improve on we are happy to prepare programming best suited to these needs!

Amazing Race

Similarly, to the Amazing Race TV show, groups of participants will navigate around the Camp Kintail site solving problems and completing various tasks to gain any many points as possible within the provided timeframe. Success in these challenges requires teamwork, communication, problem solving, and decision making. The tasks vary whether they are timed or scored – you won’t know where your team is in the standings until the very end when results are revealed!


Archery has become increasingly popular over the years! If you are interested in learning or perfecting your bow and arrow skills – this is the perfect activity for you! Our trained staff facilitate and teach all participants how to hold a bow, load an arrow, shoot, and safely retrieve arrows afterwards. Can you hit the bull’s eye?

Arts & Crafts and Music & Drama

Whether it’s making friendship bracelets to share with new friends, painting rocks, or weaving a camp favourite craft known as the God’s Eye, Camp Kintail offers a plethora of Arts and Crafts activities for campers and guests of all ages to participate in!

If you are looking for an area to express your creativity and improv our Music and Drama sessions are perfect for you! From learning musical instruments such as a ukulele, learning fun dances, battling for championship in Name That Tune or dressing up in fun costumes we have a variety of creative outlets with our programming for those creative souls and drama divas!

Camp Wide Games (Primetime)

Camp Wide Games involve the whole group in one large game using all or a large part of the Camp Kintail site. A popular and classic favourite is known as Capture The Flag. Some other fun Camp Wide Games are Risk, Battleship, Gauntlet, and Safari! Our selection of games can suit any age group. This programming is the perfect way to bring the whole group together before a campfire!


What’s the perfect way to end the day? Sitting together, singing and enjoying a delicious snack (like s’mores!) by a campfire! We have campfires all around site, including but not limited to, the Meadow, Beach, Swing Circle, and Glen. Campfires can be independently run by groups or have Camp Kintail staff attend to lead a variety of fun songs to sing along to! Campfires are a great time for a group to come together, share stories, and reflect on the fantastic day they just had!

Disc Golf, Gaga Ball and Sports

Try out our 18 hole Disc Golf course that brings you all across the site! From open fields, over creeks, or in the woods, there’s lots of fun tricks to learn! Disc Golf is similar to golf, but is played with special frisbees known as discs instead of clubs and golf balls. Play for fun or grab a score card and see who wins!

Gaga ball is a fantastic variation of dodgeball that is popular for all ages! It is a fast paced game played in a confined space. Players hit a soft ball with their hands, trying to hit their opponent from the knee down. If you get hit you’re out – but don’t worry a new game will start shortly!

We have 3 large playing fields that are great for sports like football, soccer, and ultimate frisbee! There is also a basketball court outside MacDonald Lodge are various nets set up across site that are perfect for volleyball or badminton! We have a variety of equipment for sports from baseball to croquet there is plenty to keep you busy!

Environmental Education and Outdoor Living Skills

We have a selection of prepared environmental education activities, linked to the Ontario curriculum.  For more information please check out the Curriculum Links page.

Outdoor Living Skills (OLS) is a great learning opportunity for groups interested in wilderness! Ever wondered how to tie the perfect knot, what is safe to eat in a forest, or how to build the perfect fire? OLS at Camp Kintail can provide answers to all of the questions all while teaching you outdoor skills! These skills are useful whether you are camping in your backyard or heading out to a trip in Algonquin Park!

Garden and Nature

Camp Kintail has a large garden where we grow produce to serve with our meals and salad bar. From pumpkins and squash, to carrot and beans, our garden has it all! There is always plentiful amounts of produce we harvest in the fall season to freeze and use throughout the year. Along with delicious food, we also use the garden as a teaching and learning opportunity. Participants have the opportunity to learn about growing plants, sustaining a healthy garden, and environment sustainability.

Our nature sessions are a great way to take in the beautiful surrounding of Camp Kintail. Whether it is learning about climate change, bunnies and chickens, or on a scavenger hunt for various plants and critters, we offer exciting programming for any outdoor enthusiast!

Geocaching and Orienteering

Hidden under cabins, in forests, and in secret locations such as a well are geocaches all across the Camp Kintail site. With GPS devices participants search for the hidden geocaches and record what they discover! If a map and compass is a greater interest we also offer an orienteering course where participants learn the basics of using a map and compass while exploring the site. You will be amazed on how fast navigation skills are picked up on!

High Challenge Course

Camp Kintail has an extensive challenge course, offering a variety of fun climbs for participants to take part in. We have a three sided Rock Wall, various traversing High Ropes Elements, and an Adventure Tower offering various team climbs on the four sides. To finish our fantastic course we also have a Zip Line! We emphasize challenge by choice – go and high as you want to go, even if it us just one set up the Rock Wall, and our trained staff are excited to cheer you on!

At Camp Kintail we believe that EVERYONE should have the chance to experience all the activities we offer. At our High Challenge Course we have an accessibility package with specialized equipment to allow for anyone with any ability to be able to access and participate in the various elements on the course.

Each year our trained and experienced staff members are signed off on their safety procedures and belaying. This allows for the staff to guide campers through the safety procedures and teach them proper climbing techniques. Before each climb staff check to ensure all ropes and equipment are correct before encouraging the camper to climb!

*Rock Wall and Adventure Tower are available for campers aged 7 and above. High ropes is available for those campers grade 4 and above.

Shady Chute 100ft Slide and Slingshot

The 100ft slide, or “The Shady Chute the 3rd” has become an instant hit at Camp Kintail! Participants slide down the inside of a 3ft diameter tube on plastic toboggans. It is silly, fun, and exhilarating! Keep your eyes open or closed, it is up to you!

Around the corner of the yurts down in the Glen you will find our slingshot range. A staff will teach campers how to safely aim and shoot rocks with our built in and hand held slingshots. Safety always comes first – you must be wearing goggles at all times when firing at the range. There are a variety of metal items, sure to make a loud noise to celebrate your hit!

Waterfront and Watercraft

Situated on the beautiful shores of Lake Huron, Camp Kintail is fortunate to have a beautiful stretch of beachfront property. We mark our swimming area each year with buoy lines. Waterfront is always supervised by our qualified lifeguards to ensure the safety of all while campers and guests soak up the sun! We also have a variety of sand toys for all to enjoy – will you built the tallest sandcastle?

At Camp Kintail we offer a variety of Waterfront activities including kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boarding.  Our staff teach participants paddling skills before sending them out onto the lake. If the waves are too high for watercraft, body surfing is a popular activity!