Family Camp 2011 Speaker

We are thrilled to announce that our Family Camp Speaker this year is Colin Carmichael.  Colin Carmichael is the Associate Secretary, Communications at the Life & Mission Agency of The Presbyterian Church in Canada. He is a digital communications expert who specializes in community engagement, social marketing, and online identity management.

Real Relationships in a Virtual World

How many friends do you have? How many Facebook friends do you have? It is very likely that your answers to those two questions were different. In just a few short years, our relationships – and how we define them – have been changed by radical changes in communications technology.

Of course, it is not just our friend relationships that have been changed. Our coworkers (and bosses!) now have unprecedented access to our formerly private lives, and even our ministers (gasp!) know when we’re having a bad day. We interact differently with our parents and children than even a decade ago. Even our most personal relationships have been radically changed in recent years.

During our time together, we will discuss the challenges and opportunities of living a life connected through online social networking and the impact it has on our various relationships.