Fall Wrap-up series: Site Improvements Part 1

By January 12, 2016Uncategorized

As November came around and camp became a little quieter, we turned our attention towards the various upgrades that were needed around the site. Thankfully we were blessed with a rather mild beginning to the winter season, so we were able to spend more time on outdoor projects.

Wildwind, Sycamore & the Nook

Two years ago during my first visit to Kintail, I had the pleasure of helping to start the task of insulating the cabins along the cabin path. Fast forward to 2015 and we were onto our last cabins. This Fall we successfully finished the last of the cabins on cabin hill; Wildwind, Sycamore, and the Nook. These 3 cabins had walls and ceilings insulated, and then covered with pine boards. Each cabin now has a built in closet. These cabins look substantially more amazing and we couldn’t be more excited to fill them with campers this summer.

Nook interior

The inside of the Nook has been insulated and covered with pine boards on the walls and ceilings. Similar improvements have been made to Sycamore and Wildwind.

Cabin Decks and Ramps

One of the improvements we’re most proud of is the addition of new decks in front of each cabin on cabin hill. Each cabin is wheelchair accessible with full length ramps leading up to large decks (approx. 10 feet by 16 feet) that have built in benches around the perimter. We hope these communal areas in front of the cabins will provide campers and staff with an area in which they can meet, have devotions, or spend some quality time together.

10 new decks were built onto the cabins on Cabin Hill. Each has it’s own wheelchair accessible ramp and bench areas.

 Tir na Nog

This Fall, the cabins at Tir na Nog were vastly upgraded to match their counterparts on cabin hill. We are thrilled that Willow and the Junipers now have electrical outlets, interior and exterior lighting, and are now insulated on the walls and ceilings. The interior walls were removed from Willow and it is now an open cabin again, more suitable for Outdoor Adventure. Sometime soon these cabins will have pine boards installed on the ceilings and walls to cover the insulation…let me know if you want to spend a day at camp with me sometime! I promise, it’s really good fun.


The insulating process has begun in Tir na Nog.