Fall Activities for Kids!

By September 28, 2022Uncategorized
A close up of apples growing on a tree at Camp Kintail.

Fall Activities for Kids!

Spending time together and enjoying nature go hand in hand as the leaves turn and weather gets cooler! Try a new fall activity with your friends and loved ones, we’ve put together a list of recipes and activities for you to try out at home! Whether you are spending time indoors or outdoors there’s lots for you to make and do. Print out a Nature Bingo Card, or get outside to play a game!

1. Bake an Apple Crisp (Here’s the recipe from the Kintail Cookbook)

2. Play Fall Nature Bingo on your next walk. (You can print out the sheet here!)

3. Collect leaves and make crafts! Use crayons and rub over the leaves for a beautiful patterned collage OR press leaves between wax paper and iron them flat to preserve and hang in windows!

4. Bake pumpkin scones (Check out Flames recipe!)

5. Toast pumpkin seeds (Here are some ideas for seasoning)

6. Make apple stamps Bring out the tempera paint and make stamps by cutting apples into fun shapes. Can you make a painting of an apple tree using only apple stamps?

7. Make cards thanking people in your community for Thanksgiving! (Librarians, teachers, etc.)

8. Carve a pumpkin, make decorations, and get ready for Halloween!

9. Make a bird feeder Fill pine cones with seeds and peanut (or soy) butter and place them outside!

10. Visit the Library Pick up a book and ask the Librarian what fall activities for kids or events are happening in the community! Studies show that reading aloud is beneficial for adults, regardless of what you are reading and children benefit from being read to at any age (Big kids too!)! Pick a novel to read out loud together!


We hope you have a lovely autumn! Enjoy the time of year devoted to pumpkin patches, apple orchards, flannel sweaters, piles of leaves, and hearty desserts, and if you can, come and enjoy some of it with us here at Camp Kintail.