Fab Camp Update from Flame

By June 26, 2010Staff

Hiya! Flame here! Just dropping in to say that summer is here! My sessions are planned, FLASH is ready to be run, cabins are clean, the LIT loft is tidy and July LITs arrive in 9 days! I can’t wait! Dune and I have been working super hard in May and June to get ready for LITs to come and we are so excited to say that we are ready!

At the end of May Dune, Axis and myself went on a 3 day hike along the Bruce Trail ending in Tobermory. It was a very challenging trip but we’re happy to say that we survived. Highlights of the trip were the beautiful scenery, swimming in the Grotto, and meeting new and old friends. After completing the trip we’ve figured out a sweet trail that the Aug LITs and Sr Co-ed hikers will experience at the end of August.

Next week is staff training and the program staff are pumped for the counselling staff to arrive! We’re excited to get to know new friends, re-kindle old friendships, play new games and most importantly have fun! At the end of staff training is the Camp Kintail Open House and Staff Commissioning! Everyone should come out to the commissioning service this year because not only are the staff being commissioned but we are excited to commission our shiny new chapel. So July 3rd come on out at 2pm for a tour of the camp and swim in the lake and at 4pm join us in the chapel for the celebration and commissioning service. Afterwards at 5:30 the afternoon will conclude with a barbeque!

See you July 3rd!