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K4 Express Blog Post!

This week at Kintail is a very exciting week! It is our Kintail Express camp, a Music and Art focused week where the campers work in groups to put on a production of Beauty and the Beast! The campers spend a lot of time in their major groups, which we are calling “The Beast” groups this week. There are seven different Beast groups with specific focuses that spend about 2 hours a day together!

The dance group is working on choreographing and learning dances that will be performed in the production of Beauty and the Beast! Campers are also learning a variety of dance techniques, styles, and exercises.

The Vocal Music group is learning songs to be performed in the production of Beauty and the Beast. They are also learning vocal warm-ups and exercises.

The Instrumental Music group is a great opportunity to practice an instrument in an ensemble or learn a new instrument.

The Drama group is memorizing, blocking, and rehearsing scenes to be performed in the production of Beauty and the Beast! They will also be learning games and exercises.

Beginner Guitar is for people who do not play guitar but wish to learn!

Intermediate/Advanced guitar is for those campers who know guitar already but wish to further their skills throughout the week.

The Set/Costume Design crew is designing, painting and making the costumes and set for Beauty and the Beast!

As you can see it is a very busy, but very exciting week at Camp Kintail! We invite everyone who wants to attend to come see our production of Beauty and the Beast. Saturday July 28th 2012 at the Camp Kintail Chapel, production starts at 10:30am!




  • kathy boice says:

    What a special treat for us parents. A little peek at our children hard at work and I am sure great fun. Hope you are having a wonderful week at camp.

  • Beth Stockford says:

    Lookout forward to seeing the production.