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Special Day: Polar Dip

August 28, 2020

Canoes, paddle boards, and kayaks lined pup along the water edge at the Camp Kintail beach with overlaying text reading, "Special Day Polar Dip".

What is #KintailPolarDip

Each summer, brave campers wake up extra early to jump in Lake Huron for a refreshing start to the morning! Embrace the cold and take the plunge for this week’s #KintailAtHome special day activity!  However you choose to participate, be sure to share in the adventure by posting with #KintailAtHome and #KintailPolarDip! Take a deep breath, and jump in with us!

Go For a Dip!

Find some water to enjoy today! Whether you head to the lake or pool, or have a sprinkler or some squirt bottles you can use for a game of water tag or a gauntlet style obstacle course! Show us how you can get creative and stay cool this week for #KintailPolarDip! 

Lifejackets handing on the deck railing leading to the paddle shack on the beach at Camp Kintail.

Cold Shower!

DO: Start your day with a brisk shower! Cold showers tend to be shorter helping conserve water, they are good for your circulation, can soothe itchy skin, and help wake you up! Turn on your shower this morning, psych yourself up, and go for it! Be sure to still get squeaky clean then emerge awake, alert, alive, and enthusiastic for the day ahead. DO NOT: Take a photo and share it with the Kintail hashtag!

Bonus: Take on the T-Shirt Challenge

Take things in a competitive direction! Take a t-shirt and tie it in a LOOSE knot or two (or just crumple it up). Then soak the t-shirt in water, put it in a container or plastic bag then freeze it! More/ tighter knots means a more challenging experience so if you’re working in teams keep things fair and factor in younger participants. 

Once your shirts are frozen- head outside and split into pairs, teams, or face off one-on-one to see who can use their own body heat, the sun, or any other resources available outside to thaw the shirt, undo the knots, and put it on! This can be surprisingly challenging (and refreshing!) Get ready for some laughs, problem-solving, and good old fashioned competition then be sure to share your photos triumphantly wearing your cold, soaked shirt!

*Heads up, larger t-shirts are easier to put on when wet, and there’s a chance that in the thrill of the contest the shirt may be torn, so avoid any sentimental band tees!


August 28, 2020
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